Posted on Thu 03 June 2004 in general

Bit of a "meh"
day today. Probably due to a poor start to the day when I took my car in for a service.

Apart from the dread about getting a large bill for the service I did get a courtesy car to get into work. I was hoping for a Golf or if I was lucky a Phaeton. Instead I got a Lupo which kinda took me back to my Polo days, except smaller! As a result I think I'm in some sort of withdrawal, which is odd because I'm sure Andy was href=>referring to someone else. All I know is I can't wait to pick up my car this evening.

However my mood was lifted when I eventually got into work (it seems to take so long in the Lupo) and the Royal Mail proved they can get it right. A bunch of stuff I'd ordered for my iPAQ
including a big SD card and a serial cable. There isn't currently a Linux port for the unit although people have booted the kernel on it. However I'm pretty sure I can help get it going, I am after all a kernel hacker by trade.

So this weekend is the last "free" weekend for a while as next week is SoS followed by Lee's birthday bash at Wendyhouse (as well
as a LAN party and Paranoia session) and then Glastonbury! Given my complete failure to get anywhere with decorating over the Bank holiday I suspect this is the highest priority. However I suspect I may play with shiny things (or more Farcry) unless prodded to work. Come on, motivate me ;-)