Really Super Stream!

Posted on Tue 08 June 2004 in general

I changed my RSS aggregator from Straw to Liferea yesterday. For those that don't know RSS aggregators are a simple way of avoiding the cycle of checking many web-sites for updates by getting a program to do it for you. Most news sites have RSS feeds, hell even my blog provides one (thats how Live Journal gets its data). Straw worked well enough but the things that gave Liferea the edge where:

  • Faster - Straw I think suffers from being written in Python
  • Better Protocol support - It does more than just RSS/RDF streams
  • Nice layout - The folder layout makes for easier grouping of feeds
  • More configurable - You can tweak the refresh times for different feeds which is useful
  • Script-able - its can get its streams from external scripts so I may eventually get around to writing a filter to convert the SoS OOC notice board to an RSS feed!