My god its full of stars...

Posted on Mon 21 June 2004 in general

So I'm sat at work with a little under 6 hours before I bugger of home and start packing for tomorrows trip down to Sommerset.

My brother and his girlfriend (Karen) turned up for a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig. I got home early to let him in and do a little tidying and then sat and chatted with him until they left for the gig - suitably instructed in the workings of Manchester's fine public transport system.
I then headed around to Mad Sam's for a bit of 'net game action. I haven't been to a LAN party for a while so was a bit out of practice. Unfortunately I think against mere humans I lack the necessary bonding between my thoughts and the keyboard and mouse. Generally I find even given the advancements of game AI computer based enemies are easier to
figure out - which I guess is the point. I'll make a stab at finishing Far-Cry post-Glasto.

Having instructed people to turn up early we made a start on emptying my house of crap so we could move Katy and Andy's stuff in. Many thanks to all those involved including Scousy for bring the SoS trailer along. It was much appreciated, I can see the floor in the back cellar again. I hope you enjoy the couch ;-)

Leaving Katy behind with a few helpers I headed off for a relatively early start to Lee's 30th celebrations. I brought my brother along to catch up although he headed for town before we departed for Wendyhouse. His other half was working the next day and he's saving himself for Glasto (and also packing for his 4 month trip to Jamaica and Cuba). Wendyhouse was fun as always. I got a chance to meet and
talk to a few more people which was nice. Lee was concerned that I was being quite but I think it was mainly me being tired from the moving in the morning. I also need to save some energy for Glasto! Even so I was up until around 6 in the morning when I climbed into Lee's camper-van to get some sleep before going home.

Sunday (i.e. the bit after I woke up) was quite subdued. We all went out for a pub lunch in the Robin Hood (A pup I had considered a footie pub but is actually quite nice inside). After a average steak and a huge Sundae I waved goodbye to my brother and retired repleat to the house with Katy. We basically lazed the day away without doing much* before settling to watch Kill Bill Vol 2 (which I think is the better of the two, Katy prefers the first one). Just before we started the show I got a call from Si wondering where we were. We had both completely forgotten about the tickets I had gotten for "Slaughterhouse". We carefully weighed the pro's and con's of getting up and rushing to get to the Lowry for the show and decided after much careful deliberation that the sofa was far more appealing. Maybe
next time ;-)
* not much that would be of interest to other people