It all went a little bit dance like

Posted on Fri 02 July 2004 in general

I hope everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the Glasto update. I would of done it sooner but I've been ill the last few days (thankfully after I drove back). So here it goes:

I wanted to get to the Glastonbury site as early as possible so I booked a nearby Travelodge for the night before. As a result we left Manchester around lunchtime having packed that morning and taking time
to ensure we did have everything we needed. I only made one minor navigational mistake on the way down and as a result we made very good time as we were driving during the day. Having eaten there wasn't much to do but we managed to keep ourselves entertained ;-). I went for a walk around midnight to go and meet Aidan, Gillian and Lee who where coming down in the camper van. The wind was picking up and was an omen
for the following day.

Although the site was meant to be open at 10:00am by the time we had had breakfast and our last shower for the week there didn't seem much point hanging around so we headed for site early. We headed into Pilton without encountering any major queues until the very last bit where we maybe waited for around 5minutes before sweeping into site. After lugging the tents halfway up Penards Hill we saw we where one of
the first paying punters on site. Katy picked a spot by the big tree on the basis it would provide some cover from the 60 MPH winds as well as being a good landmark. It also turned out to be convenient for heading into the Green fields which where just to our left. We then proceeded with pitching my tent in the gales which proved tricky with
the two of us. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long for the others to start arriving and which point we started getting everything up and running.

The weather picked up on Thursday and by the evening was getting quite sunny. You'd of thought that hippies as a group where not the most interested in the href=>"beautiful
game" but you'd be wrong. It was quite surreal sitting amongst a massive crowd in a field watching the game - the atmosphere was very different to what you would get in your average footie pub.

Once the festival proper got underway we took full advantage of the best weather of the festival. Friday included Goldfrapp and Kosheen who set the dancy trend for my weekend. While some of the others had gone off to watch some whiney Mancs I stayed on the Other stage to see the Chemical Brothers. Apparently they did a very good DJ set last year and this years live set was fantastic. They played a load of the classic tunes as well as having a very good light show. Good choice :-) We headed off to the Glade for the rumored Fat Boy Slim DJ set but left after the place
got far too crowded. Apparently he did play that night but over in Lost Vagueness. I was up until the early hours with Jeff and Phil (and bumping into my brother in the Greenpeace(?) tent) until eventually crashing in the morning as the rain started to arrive.

The weather of Saturday was not as good but luckily most of the rain had passed by the time I was roused out of bed. I mainly pottered around the Green Fields trying to locate a eco-recharge station for my phone and then headed on down to Lost Vagueness which I never really explored last year. Its an odd place but fun to explore. The bit I liked most was the Cinema which was showing a a whole series of short
films which where quite funny. I meet up with Lee and Katy who where planning to head up to the Pyramid stage to see Paul McCartney. I declined the offer and wondered around watching random bands. I remember seeing a rather animated one man band in the Jazz tent as well as an Aussie funk/digereedoo band at the bandstand. I eventually
emerged in the Other Stage for the Basement Jaxx set which was good, starting with their vocal stuff and getting progressively for dancy. I caught up with Jeff and Phil again as we toured the various mushroom cafe's in the Green Fields before heading back to camp for sun rise.

After having so many late nights in a row the attempt of the rest of the camp to wake me for the ENO's first Glasto gig was rather futile. In fact my time was so shifted by that point I think the only band I managed to get to was Orbitals last English gig, again on the other stage. It was a good show although probably not as good as the Chemical Brothers. The confusion at the encore did lead someone to comment they may of misplaced their encore tape ;-)

All in all I had an excellent festival despite the weather and will defiantly be in that phone queue next year. I'm glad Katy enjoyed it as well although she's made it clear the mud and loo's have put her off for next year. All in all a good way to spend a weekend.