Splish, splash, I'm having a bath

Posted on Mon 12 July 2004 by alex in general

Went to SoS this weekend for my role playing kicks. I ended up getting quite drunk on tavern on Friday night, although personally I blame the fact you just can't buy bottled real-ale thats less than 5.0% ABV these days. Its still quite quaff-able but you may not notice being pissed until its too late. Still I didn't die so thats always a bonus.

I was a little worse for wear in the the morning but managed to get myself all blue'ed up for the annual Sea-Elf special. As other have noticed it wasn't as jolly as last year mainly because the water was so much colder. However I still enjoyed it, especially as I didn't get my arm cut of in the first encounter this time. I also completely missed the "Peter Pan" references. Cleaning up the next day was also
quite painless. Good weekend all round ;-)