Posted on Sat 17 July 2004 in general

Just been to the Imperial War Museum (North) as part of the tourist spectacular. Its a nice building, although I'm not sure how well it will age. The displays inside where thoughtful background type things - not the large amounts of Military hardware I'm used to from Duxford. I thought the use of the main hall as a large multimedia presentation space was good though. You defiantly don't leave thinking that war is a good idea. It also filled in some of the gaps in my history of the background to the 2 great wars. I'm still confused as to how Hitler got the Olympics though. The best idea we could come up with is it was decided well in advance. The viewing platform also give a nice outlook over the Salford canals. However vertigo sufferers should beware the return journey from the viewing platform, a rather funky optical illusion makes the gantry disappear under your feet!

I'm back home for a quick refuel stop before heading over to Sam's (Mad) for a post birthday gathering and eventually heading into town for Rock Kitchen.