Healthy food, what next green living?

Posted on Thu 29 July 2004 in general

Cooked the meal last night using cabagge of all vegetables. I think my poor relationship with cabbage is probably due to too many over stewed school dinners. The meal also featured salad as the side dish and fruit smoothies as the desert. All in all pretty healthy although I was a little disappointed with the flavour of the parcel filling,
especially given how much paprika there was in them. Still everyone seemed to enjoy it.

More interestingly there was an almost successful attempt to get me to abandon my belief in the free market and start thinking like a socialist. I think Lee was taking advantage of the fact I was drunk. The argument was over media copyright infringement and if its justifiable. I think* the argument came down to "they get paid too much anyway" vs "mass piracy is a valid market reaction to perceived high prices". I suspect the argument may be for people that want their cake and eat it. I'm certainly aware of a school of thought in the software industry that
states they would rather have people pirating their software and being persuaded to pay for it later than use a rivals or find alternatives. After all in the movies how much money is made from "side" activities such as merchandising vs the actual box office take? If someone can't be arsed going to the cinema but downloads a movie and likes it will they by the DVD when its out (and reaches their personal price point)? Certainly the 2 films I have downloaded from the P2P networks where Fahrenheit 9/11 and Kill Bill Vol 2. I didn't feel too guilty about them as their directors have been quoted as happy with personal non-commercial downloading of their work. I'll
probably add Kill Bill Vol 2 to my DVD collection, I'm less sure about Fahrenheit 9/11.

I got the proof of concept Bitzi
queries working last night. Now all I need to do is parse the XML and do something with the data.

*I say think, I was quite drunk