The Weekend Ends here...

Posted on Sun 01 August 2004 in general

So it quite preparation for flying out to Cyprus next week I had a slow weekend. Friday was out to MJ's birthday for a few pints of real-ale and waking on Saturday with an unusually harsh hangover. Saturday day finally got going when I met BGP for a quick shopping raid in town. We where both relatively restrained, but Phil won on designer label bags ;-)

Having already started on few beers during the afternoon shopping trip I was well set up for Saturday nights trip to Rock World. My initial reluctance due to the venue being shits countered by Lee's insistence that the nights are different of Saturday's compared to Friday's. It certainly was less crowded that Friday nights, and I didn't see any 14 years olds either. The group mainly based themselves
in room 4 which was alternative-ish with the occasional bursts of cock rock coming from next door. We continued to consume alcohol and we all eventually ended up back at Lee's for even more drinking. I flaked out sometime around 4and crept up to bed for the oncoming hangover.

After waking up, cooking a few piazzas we eventually departed Whitefield to wave goodbye to the Leeds lot. I zombied my way into town to catch Spider-man 2 at the cool dark cinema before finally heading home with the intention of cutting the grass. That didn't happen for a variety
of factors, at least one technical. Now all I need to do is get a shower and get ready for an early-ish night for my 2 day week :-)