Reading the Documentation

Posted on Tue 03 August 2004 by alex in general

So taking advantage of getting home before the gym I decided to have a quick play with some alternative firmware for my WRT54G
router. Unfortunately the quick play ended up with me being able to shell onto my router via ssh and generally poke around (which was nice) but not actually be able to connect to the Internet (which wasn't so nice). I think next time I'm going to download all the manuals, FAQ's and other documentation and a bunch of replacement firmware images
before I attempt such a thing.
Once I got back from the Gym I made an effort to finish the
Bitzi query code before I go on holiday. Its now working quite nicely, pacing its requests so as not to overload the server and parsing the XML responses directly. I just need to pretty print the results and give it decent testing tonight and I'll post the patch to the mailing list for comments (and possibly
the GUI people playing with the data). I hope not too many peoples eyes just glazed over, my description of P2P networking and meta-data sent Katy to sleep in less than 10 minutes last night....