4 non-blondes....

Posted on Sat 07 August 2004 in general

So yesterday consisted of more snorkleing action as we drove around the surrounding area looking for places to swim. We found a nice bay area between our resort and Aiya Nappa and spent a good few hours there until finally heading home in preparation for some clubbing in the evening. The swimming (and hot weather) had left both me and Lee a little drained so we drank 4 cans of Red Bull between us to try and wake up for the evening.

Walking down the club district of Aya Nappa is entertaining. According to Lee I have a thing for blondes (I think he's wrong but that's besides the point). So over the night I had plenty of cute blonde women coming up to me with big smiles. Unfortunatly most of them where working for the bars and trying to induce us in with promises of cheap beer or free shots. They practically force alcohol down your throat here, I can see how Sky manages to get lots of footage of pissed up Brits abroad. One of the girls practically fell over when we suggested we should get a free bottle of water with our beer instead of a shot of whatever spirit they had. Still after suitable drinking the clubs open at 1pm(!) and we eventually got into one called "The Castle" where we proceeded to throw shapes at the Church of Dance with our new found friends. We eventually parted company around 3.30 with the girls complaining at 21 they where too old for this late night partying! Still they boosted my ego guessing my age at 25, I obviously have aged well ;-) With phone numbers exhanged we headed home to try and get some sleep and rest so we are not too tired to do it all again tonight. So here we are, its half past 8, we are in Aya Nappa and we are just geting ready to Paaar-tay!