Splish splash

Posted on Tue 10 August 2004 in general

Last night was a good nights clubbing. Again more bouncy house until 3 in the morning when I finally decided it was time to go home. I think thats me all clubbed out for now.

Today was a little patchy. After eventually dragging myself out of bed and then finishing "Use of Weapons" me and Lee headed down to the Water Park. There are about 7 big slides and a few pools. I tried a few of them but as I was wearing contacts I had to avoid some (they wouldn't let me wear goggles). Other than that it was quite warm and full of screaming kids so I didn't wamt to stay for too long, especially as Lee was mainly reading which could be done in more conformatable surroundings. We did a quick diversion on the way back to some of the scenic spots so Lee could see the Sea Caves and Panorama I'd visited yesterday.

Tonight is our last night so I'm using the oppertunity to eat some more Lamb dishes and get a relativley early night before facing the long day tommorrow. Our Transfer couch picks us up at 11 in the evening although we have to be out of the rooms by midday. I think the flight lands in Manchester around 2 or 3 in the morning so I expect I'll be quite tired by then. I'm actually looking forward to the low 20's the temperature seems to be back home - I may even enjoy the first rain fall :-)