Reality strikes...

Posted on Thu 12 August 2004 in general

Got home at 7.30 this morning after a long flight followed by a long delay at the usually efficent Manchester Airport bagage collection. I've decided to tough out the day and try and get some constructive stuff done before crashing for an early night. So far I've watched part 1 of Robert Cringleys "Triumph of the Nerds" as my computer has been busy whilt I'm away. It is a great documentry about the rise of Silicon Valley that covers a lot of the hippy/tech
crossover that was going on at the start of the revolution. I've also done the first load of washing, cleaned the dishwasher, sorted out the kitchen and I'm about to do some hovering. Real life has re-asserted its self in a big way. I guess I'd better do some gardening later to unwind, although the lawn seems to of mutated whilst I've been away. Has it been raining much here?