The Weekend is (almost) here

Posted on Fri 20 August 2004 by alex in general

My first week back after my holiday hasn't been too bad. I've been holding my concentration a lot better, mainly because I've been getting back into the coding zone. The coming weekends still look busy though.

After the excess of last years 30th I determined to have a quite birthday this year. I came home early(ish) and got a nice piece of Aberdeen Angus steak which I shared with Katy as we where both celebrating. I had to employ extreme methods to get the BBQ going as all the charcoal had gotten a little wet.
Despite the quietness of the event people did come round to drop of gifts and hang for a bit which was nice. Aidan and Lee both got me some t-shirts and Karen bought me some interesting reading literature along with an executive toy. It was a good night only slightly marred by the dehydration I suffered most of the next day.

I have been getting slightly wound up by my lodgers attitude to cleaning up after themselves. I know I have gotten more house proud as I've aged (matured?) so I don't know if I'm being too sensitive to clutter. However I do sometimes feel as though I'm running around after kids that can't be arsed cleaning up after themselves. I don't think is nagging to ask for pots and pans that have been used to cleaned up within a few days, is it? I have stuff (soon to be skipped)
in my kitchen thats been there for over 3 weeks and growing mold.

The attitude of "its not my mess" doesn't help either, one would of thought taking stuff and loading it into the dishwasher would be based on the presence of dirty stuff and not who left it there. Still the standing population will be reduce in a few weeks so I'll see if the situation improves after then.

Anyway - deep breathes...

Tonight is a pre-stag drinking session in town, hopefully without too much rain. Its then cards and (none for me) cigars at Bu's on Saturday night as most of the girls are off on Jo's hen do. Not sure what I'm going to do Saturday during the day. Maybe cut the lawn if the heavens don't unload over the weekend - or possibly the Gym if my will-power is up to it. Of course if anyone else is doing anything Saturday day I may get distracted ;-)