I was wrong...

Posted on Wed 25 August 2004 in general

When I saw the trailer for "I, Robot" I pronounced that Asimov (one of my favourite authors when I was younger) would be spinning in his grave. I never intended to go to the cinema to watch it. However last night I watched it on a whim. I take it back, the films is actually alright. Although I spotted the Deus ex machina early on I was surprised by the twist and the explanation assuaged the initial misgivings about the film based on the trailer. Now I'm not saying its the best film ever, far from it. However I'm a lot happier with this film than say for example "Chronicles of Riddick", even given the handicap that it had to live up to the rules of Asimov's world which I was already familiar with.

Today I'm working from home as the heavy rain last night seems to of found another way into my roof (and eventually Katy's room). I'm currently waiting for the roofer to arrive to asses whats wrong, he was meant to be here this morning but I've not seen any sign of him yet. Bloody tradesmen, grrrrr.