Posted on Fri 27 August 2004 in general

Hmm, nothing much to report on from last night so I thought I'd just share a bunch of links with everyone today. First up the Guardian's Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies which has good number of my favorites listed. My favorite quote from the piece was:

"While it is highly unlikely that 'they' will rock up in a vehicle that looks like a giant, inverted Christmas tree or make their presence known by doing Jean Michel Jarre impressions on a cosmic synthesiser, Close Encounters is for me still the classiest alien visitation story in celluloid history"

Second up the ASA give Microsoft a kicking for misleading advertising comparing the cost of Linux running on z900 mainframes to Windows on a some Intel hardware. Of course Microsoft failed to mention that you can't run Windows on a z900, or in fact any non-x86 platform, where as Linux will pretty much run on anything.

Finally another story about Microsoft throwing away href=",,1639880,00.asp">Sender ID as a spam solution because their lawyers wouldn't play nice with FOSS. Its worth noting the majority of 'net runs on open source software. If you want something to reach global acceptance on the 'net you cannot ignore the needs of the open source crowd, well you could, but you'd be wrong ;-)