Leeds (The Festival)

Posted on Sun 29 August 2004 in general

So this morning I was dreaming I was discussing the merits of various flavours of Hip-Hop record mixing with Paul McCartney. The DJ's in question was Rob Swift and those from Jurassic 5. At the same time I seemed to be involved in some sort of cash based bank fraud, I'm not that sure because I have no idea how you commit one of those.

Yesterday I had all the advantages of going to a music festival without having to deal with any of the negative bits (like the loo's or sleeping in a field). Unfortunately we got to site just after Goldie Lookin' Chain (although they did play later with the Super Furry Animals I'm told). However the rest of the line-up made up for my disappointment.

Jurassic 5 (as Neil described them, "Hip-Hop without any gangsta shit") where fantastic. They just kept a long stream of bouncy hip-hop rap going with a particularly memorable DJ break in the middle. The DJ's where true Hip-Hop style scratching types, one with as far as I
could tell 4 decks, the other had 2 Fischer Price block toys (where kids have to put block in particular holes) which he looked as though he has gutted and turned into some sort of freaky sample player. Classic stuff!
During the day I saw Ash who played some their classics which took me back to my student days. A one legged Australian comedian who's name Katie and I missed. He was very funny. We reckon we should be able to Google him somehow. Also so the Hive's (who's front man certainly
seemed to think he was the best thing since sliced bread) and a bit of the Distillers.
As the evening started to close in I stayed around the main stage area and saw the Offspring. They played a fair amount of stuff I wasn't familiar with although the covered all the old festival favourites. According to them they purposefully sucked last night at Reading and we
where by far the best crowd. I suspect that comes under the title of "working the crowd".
The headline act on the main stage was "The Darkness". Now I don't dislike them, I just don't go out of my way to
listen to them. However playing live they where fantastic! They work the crowd well and camp up the whole Rock thing to extreme proportions. And they have the longest crescendo finishes I've ever heard. They also did there version of Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade away)" which is yet another favourite of mine. I know from Glastonbury
Radiohead like other bands to cover their stuff and I can see why.

All in all it was an excellent days entertainment. Much thanks to Si for giving me the lift there and back. I slept like a baby last night :-)