Weekend of parts

Posted on Mon 06 September 2004 in general

I went to the Gym on Friday and weighed myself on the standard scales again. I was a little disappointed that I am still hovering around the 11st 9lb mark which although not bad is still a little on the high side for me. I tried to make up for it by playing an extra hour or so of Badminton. I ached a little when I woke up on Saturday, which is a good thing.

Saturday consisted of a little bit of last minute present buying for the wedding next week followed by a visit from Jo. I must say Jo seems remarkably composed given the closeness of the afore-mentioned wedding. We chatted and watched "The Princess Bride" and eventually ate pizza before I hurried of to the evenings gig. I'm looking forward to the wedding, its should be a great do.

The evenings entertainment courtesy of Monosect at The Soundgarden. I enjoyed the set which was a little reminiscent of some early Pink Floyd but with a harder EBM edge once it got going. Other notable events included beating Lee and table football, recognizing a few more faces from LJ icons and correcting Lucy on my attachment status.

We then headed up to Crumpsall (which for some bizarre reason I had equated with Cheatam Hill) for Cheryl's house party. I met a bunch of interesting people including a rather hyper actress and a Spintronics physicist. There was one guy who knew "everything", I had to fight my impulse to continuously correct him, especially on subjects I'm more
than qualified to comment on. However overall it was nice meeting a bunch of new people. I eventually crashed out around 4 o'clock in the morning.

Sunday was pretty sedentary, about the only notable event being watching "American Beauty" again.