Irrational Fears

Posted on Fri 10 September 2004 in general

As has been reported
the strongest hurricane in nearly 16 years is currently on collision course with Jamaica. My brother
is also there (in Kingston Town to be precise). I'm slightly worried for his safety which is completely irrational. My brother after all went for a tour of Australia, Indonesia and Thailand straight after University carrying his life in a small ruck-sack compared to the 30Kg
of luggage I carried for 2 weeks in a hotel in Tunisia. When it comes to traveling he is considerably more adventurous and resourceful than me. Still today I'm not quite as envious as I was on Wednesday.

Another thing I've been thinking about since a conversation with Ste on Wednesday is doing evening classes. It seems everyone in my office has done various classes as well. I'm currently trying to decide what to do. Bare in mind I did consider doing an OU degree when I was at Marconi but quickly came to the conclusion it was too much like hard
work. If I did this it would be for me rather than any career improving reasons.

I currently have three ideas in my mind. The first would be to complete my education by taking AS Maths (I managed to fail my A level all those years ago). The second would be to do something practical like a basic plumbing course or other DIY related skills (I'm not bothering with car mechanics because my car is far more complicated than my old Metro was). The third idea would be to do something completely different that would expand my horizons like Art or Psychology.

What do people think? Does anyone have any suggestions?