Jo and Arwel's Wedding

Posted on Mon 13 September 2004 in general

I've just gotten back from Wales after a weekend away for Jo and Arwel's Wedding. Others have already
described the event so I'll just cover it from my perspective.
I was woken up at 7.10 in the morning before my alarm went off by the banging on my door. After a few minutes of my brain getting back into gear I realised the error in telling Katy that we would aim to leave at 7 to be on time. I had actually had 9 as a good starting time in my head. As penance I made her to iron my shirt as I washed and showered. We left the house at about 8.30 and made good time to Port Mathdog and got to the cottage in plenty of time to unload and get ourselves ready for the event. Unfortunately a combination of crap taxi's (we had no working numbers) and traffic (causing Marcus and Sue to run late) meant we left for the ceremony in a bit of a rush. We all still made
it though.
The bride was of course stunning. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see Jo walking down the isle in a dress whilst still remembering the teenager we first met when she moved to Manchester all those years ago. Arwel also looked good with his smart salon haircut and suit. He seemed to take things in his stride although I think his nerves caused
him to stumble over some of the vows. I say I think because they where in Welsh so I don't know what he said. We did speculate later on that he may of been using some elder god ritual but decided he probably would not get away with it :-). We headed down to the bottom of the village for the reception and then partook in a little rain dodging
for the photos. It was a good opportunity to let fly with the camera as well as catch up with some of the people I hadn't seen in ages, including Dave and Siobhan. Nook did a good job at the sit-down with trying to get people organised (I sympathised) and made a good speech (although I think he was treated lightly by the hecklers).

The evening do was your normal cheesy disco fare. I couldn't identify the first and last tracks chosen by the Bride and Groom although I assume they were suitably indy. We bopped away for the rest of the night covering the usual range of music before heading home. The taxis where hard to get hold of but luckily Sue gave us a lift back to the flat. We chilled out for little bit before crashing after a very long but fun day.

I'm due to start my pre-op food and drink embargo in about 40 minutes. I've been drinking plenty of water to try and re-hydrate my body so I'm not feeling too dry in the morning. Hopefully I'll be the first op in the
day so I can get on with the rest of the day. I'm a little concerned about having a general anaesthetic but they may change their mind on the day and use a local. If not I may be a little woozy tomorrow, bit like the weekend really ;-)