Posted on Tue 14 September 2004 in general

So after getting up at Denial AM and Lee giving me a lift in and getting to the ward well before time I finally got to speak to the surgeon (who was a different guy from the consultant I'd seen all those months ago). After he'd run through the list of things that could go wrong ("we might cut the tendon, you may loose a little mobility, in 3-4% of cases you may have severe pain for 18 months but we don't know why this happens") I asked how long it would be before I could type again. "Oh, about 2-4 weeks you should be able tostarttyping again". At this point I had a serious re-think and started to consider the cure worse than the current problem (which causes me maybe 2-3 days of pain a year). As we are coming to the end of a project and I hadn't mentioned to work I may be unable to work for up to 4 weeks I asked if it would be possible to re-schedule. I felt very guilty to be messing them about because I had naively assumed for a minor operation I may have a sore hand for a week or so. They assured me it was fine and actually would be helpful to them as they had an influx of emergency cases to deal with. In theory I should be rescheduled for November/December time although now I'm having severe second thoughts about the whole thing - maybe I should get a second opinion?