My First Day

Posted on Fri 17 September 2004 in general

It was a pretty relaxed day yesterday because all we had to do was shuffle stuff around. One thing I already like about the new office is the short walking distance between the office and The Didsbury. With the money I'm saving by driving 8 miles instead of 50 every day I can easily afford to eat a nice pub lunch every day and wash it down with a pint of real-ale. They do guest beers as well and are running a beer festival next month. I suspect I'm going to have to exercise some self control lest I become too corpulent.

I submitted a new patch for the GTKG metadata support, cooked a meal for 5 people and finally took advantage of the mubbing opportunity afforded to me at the weekend. All in all an entertaining evening :-)

Well time for Maelstrom, away!
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