Posted on Mon 20 September 2004 in general

Got back from Maelstrom last night. I had a good event although I didn't do much "trading" and started to get more politically active as a rabble raiser. There was some discussion last event that not much happened (at least to my fellow group members). This event certainly bucked that trend with both our own "plot" rearing its head along with
a general air of war brewing. All in all I'm quite happy with the way Maelstrom seems to be developing and I'm looking forward to playing more next year.
A couple of things to note. The site seems to have a very high insect population, not only was my tent crawling with more than the average number of creepies I also seemed to of been eaten alive. The sky was very clear on Saturday night, so clear that despite the light from the surrounding tents I could still see the milky way. It reminded me I
haven't seen a decent star scape in Manchester at all.

Hopefully my Star Wars DVD's will turn up today. I'm thinking of having a DVD night although this coming Sunday may be a bit of a stretch (as I'll be in Leeds in the morning and people are moving houses). I'm possibly thinking of the following weekend. How many people would be up for shouting "Greedo doesn't shoot first!"?