Gnutella Re-evolution

Posted on Tue 21 September 2004 by alex in general

I was doing some more work on GTKG last night and I did a couple of test downloads of some large films. I was impressed by the download rate for an individual file peaking at 100 K/s which is competitive with the previous download speeds I've achieved with BitTorrent. Of course if you understand the extensions to the protocol you'll know why this is. Features such as the Download Mesh and Swarming achieve these high rates the same way as BitTorrent, by distributing the download between a number of clients. However the approach is fundamentally decentralised so it doesn't rely on "trackers" the way BitTorrent does. I believe the evolution of the Gnutella protocol since href="">Justin
Frankel released the original client is another testament to the power of the open development process.

Finally picked up the latest Amazon haul today. Already listened to the href="">Bill
Bailey CD which was very funny (my favorite song is Hats of to the Zebras). I'm currently debating if I should hold off exploring the Star Wars DVD's given the full showing I'll be doing on Oct the 2nd. Reading Neil's review yesterday has got me all edgy.
I have read an interesting ` interview <>`__ with the lead engineer of the BBC's new Dirac codec. The thing that jumped out at me most was a patch for mplayer
is in the works which means the open source crowd will have support before any of the proprietary systems - which is unusual in a good way.

I'm feeling crotchety and itching for an argument today, I really need to shake my bad mood somehow. Must go to Gym this evening!