Mostly Harmless

Posted on Wed 22 September 2004 in general

I left work on the dot of 6.30 to listen to Hitchhikers on the way to the Gym. I quite liked the start bit as they flicked though the voice of Peter Jones and William Franklyn to keep the continuity. I share the feelings of some that the voices (unsurprisingly) just don't sound the same. I'm conscious I may have rose tinted ears comparing it to the
original series so I'm willing to give it time to grow on me.

In the process of going to the Gym I had to pop home to grab my kit bag from home. Unfortunately the quick rush in degenerated into a dig around for where my stuff was in the mess that my house has degenerated into. So I gave up and resigned myself to a quite night in. Lee pointed out that rather than feel guilty about missing the gym I should just enjoy the night so I watched the West Wing and half of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban rather than diving straight into my Star Wars DVD's. I'll probably watch the second half for on Thursday but I'm not that impressed. The CGI and action stuff is done quite well but the rest seems quite thrown together. I know you have to cut stuff out when adapting books but it does seem as though the director just assumed everyone was up to speed on the plot so he could get to his next CGI piece. I do like Ema Thompson's portrayal of Trelawney though.

Tonight I'm cheating for the meal and falling back to an old standby, although not fajitas which I've done too many times on my turn. However now winter is drawing in its easier to go for the big filling meals. And no, its not Tacos either ;-)