A man they called Brian

Posted on Sat 25 September 2004 in general

Went out to Ara for the 3rd time last night. It was probably the busiest night I've been to so far. I met some interesting people including ministers, artists and other people who knew my name! They had an interesting mix of music, including the KLF which was quite funky. I did embarrass myself with one music faux pas though, for some reason thinking "The Model" was by someone other than Kraftwerk. I think I'd massively confused it with "Girls on Film" in my head which is a totally different track all-together. All in all an enjoyable night followed by a rather pleasant walk back towards Stretford.

Tonight I shall be guesting with Ms Orange for her Mexican themed party. I have my comedy poncho, all I need now is a Enchilada recipe and a quick trip to the shops. If I get a chance I may even do some housework or possibly some coding before I head out.
Tommorrow I will be mostly helping Karen move into the house. And possibly more housework...