Lurking around the Gherkins

Posted on Sun 26 September 2004 in general

Saturday evenings entertainment came courtesy of Ms Oranges Mexican themed party. I seemed to be the only one who made the (admittedly) minimal effort for costume but there was a wide and varied selection of Mexican themed food. Tinks made a really nice Banoffee pie and the Chicken enchiladas seemed to go down well. I met a lot of interesting people, including another one of my "victims" from the href="">Captain
Hook episode. I now also know what some one looks like when they have been shocked with a stun gun. It was certainly an educational (and enjoyable) experience. I look forward to meeting a bunch of the Leeds crowd next month in Whitby.

The afternoon has been mostly shuttling some more of Karens stuff into the house before collapsing in front of the DVD player and stuffing ourselves with food. I think I'll save the housework until later ;-)