Posted on Sun 03 October 2004 by alex in general

I went down with Lee, Ste, Gillian and Aidan to Jeff and Phil's for a weekend in the country. I had a great time which hopefully comes across on the href="http://www.bennee.com/~alex/mig/index.php?pageType=folder&currDir=./Holidays/Jeff%20and%20Phils%20Oct%202004">pictures I took with the new camera. The weather was on our side as we went out to catch the sunshine and explore the abandoned air raid shelter. There was even the sound of a hunt going on in the distance (we think, we didn't want to get to close). We laughed a lot at nothing in particular for ages before retiring back to the cottage for food and more hospitality. A very funny and relaxing evening was had by all, except for the occasional spider attack on Lee :-) Sunday continued the energetic loafing until the afternoon until we decided it was probably a good idea to head back to Manchester at some point. Now back, slightly peckish and deciding how I can most productively loaf the rest of Sunday away :-)