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Posted on Mon 04 October 2004 in general

Todays featured article on Wikipedia is about Emacs my default editor. I only mention this because of a conversation we had over the weekend about posting to LJ and if we edit using an external editor. Emacs is not the most friendly editor in the world, for one thing its octopedial keystrokes are defiantly aimed at geeks. However I use it as my standard editor because it does a good job in both console mode and GUI mode, available for pretty much very OS out there and is very customisable. Extensions to firefox like Mozex make it easy to use the one editor for all those big textarea forms with a single click. The plethora of editing modes means it supports all the languages I hack with. Even though I haven't personally begun to scratch the surface of what you can do with Emacs (as I have yet to learn LISP) its still IMHO one of the best programmers editors out there..