Lazy days

Posted on Mon 04 October 2004 in general

I left work early today as the air conditioning was on the fritz. I could not concentrate in the 30 degree heat. As Lee was also skiving we took the opportunity to go and watch Hero.

I liked the film. Like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I didn't find the subtitles got in the way of the story. The martial arts sections were well done with all the outrageous wire fighting you expect from such a flick. The CGI was only used in a few places and generally to good effect. The only down side was the plot exposition did tend to drag on a bit, often with unneeded repetition. The angsty death scenes did also get a bit much by the end. However all in all I think its worth a watch.

I'm giving up the Gym for a week or so to see if I can give my shoulder a chance to heal. I put it out at Maelstrom and its still giving me pain. I thought as its my left shoulder playing Badminton would not stress it (as I'm right handed). However it seems even waving my left hand around for balance puts too much stress on it. I probably shouldn't of kept up the swimming either but I was getting carried away with the improvement to my arms. So the next week or so I'm going to be house bound in the evenings (unless any other non-gym
activities come up). Pity me....