Funky Flash

Posted on Sat 09 October 2004 in general

Went out to EK's Lomodisco event at FONT. Bu and Mel were also out for the night. As far as I can tell the main attraction of the camera is they
have good optics but crap cases which leads to interesting effects on the pictures they take. Having said that the other camera EK had had changeable flash filters which were a funky idea. It also does an infinite exposure + final flash mode which I don't know if my digital camera can emulate. It should be interesting to see the pictures if
they come out. I spent a good deal of time debating the relative merits of different photography hardware with Bu. I still reckon when we get real-time 3D topographic sensors we'll be able to retouch stuff however we want :-)
The music was a strange (but funky) mix living up to the eclectic description the flyer had promised. I was dragged onto the dance floor by a rather bubbly zoologist and someone else commented that "I had the moves" which was nice. Another flattering of my ego came from a lovely girl guessing my age as 25 and another person asking if I was a
student. It made up for feeling old as I walked down Oxford Road on the way there as streams of young fresh faced students walked past heading into town. Needless to say I danced a good portion of the night away. Excellent night out, must do it again :-)

EDIT: Fixed grammar, sorry mum, at least it went through the spellcheck ;-)