Amateur Chemistry and Welshmen

Posted on Sun 10 October 2004 in general

I spent most of yesterday doing some separation chemistry. I achieved a reasonable result although I ran out of solvent. I think I may of to rethink the apparatus a little to make it more efficient. It was nice to use some of my chemistry degree though.

Had a relatively brief visit to a party in Chorlton last night. It was certainly a party with a grand vision, I reckon well over 100 people spread over the two adjacent houses. They even had a band (well I'm less sure it was a band and more a gathering of musicians with amps and
drum kit). I witnessed a rather surreal hip-hop style verbal lyric contest which was made up of random squeals, Welsh, German and possibly a little French and Danish thrown in. Unfortunately I didn't have the stamina for a late night so we didn't stay very late. However it was certainly an interesting experience, although one I am unlikely to try an replicate in my house. I like my neighbours too much ;-)