Sock day draws closer

Posted on Sun 10 October 2004 in general

Today's plan was to pick up Nook's old bike and then head home and sort through my letters and paperwork for the last few weeks. I was doing well until I got distracted by Mufi tempting me with food and games in Knutsford. I picked up Ste on the way down and we spent a pleasant afternoon eating and playing dice games. One conclusion I did come to was that I have nothing to lose by going for the interview
with the company I had an informal chat with last week.

Whilst discussing when we should next play Exalted with Nook I had a quick flick though my diary for free weekends. It transpires my next free weekend is the 4th of December (which will probably not be so free by then, as I need to do some Christmas shopping). I think having a party this year is looking unlikely. The current list is:
  • 16th Oct : Fat Boy Slim! (unfortunately clashes with Rich and Al's Housewarming)
  • 22nd Oct - 24th Oct : SoS - I'm doing a dungeon which is the culmination of about 2 years of plot arc for my Witch Finder.
  • 29th Oct - 31st Oct : Whitby Goth Weekend, my first foray into proper Goth-ism ;-)
  • 5th Nov - 7th Nov : Visit the folks. This unfortunately clashes with parties at Lee's and down south at Rich's, but I promised my parents first and I haven't seen them in ages.
  • 12th Nov - 14th Nov : Another href="">SoS. Through one thing and another I've missed loads this year, so I'm catching up.
  • 20th Nov : Wendyhouse which I have not been to for a while. I'm going to miss the Christmas one on account of being in Amsterdam so I've got to go to this one.
  • 26th Nov - 28th Nov : Staaaaag!
Given I'm in Amsterdam one weekend of December and there is another SoS event it doesn't look like things will clear up until the new year. Still its better than not having anything to do!

My socks pile looks as though its loosing critical mass. I define SCM (Sock Critical Mass) as having enough socks that lack of clean ones is not a factor in deciding when to wash clothes. My experimental research has a come up with SCM being around 14 pairs. Because of my approach to avoiding unmatched pairs this means its time to dump the old ones
and buy another big batch of matching socks. I expect sock day will be around Thursday :-)