Must burn calories!

Posted on Wed 13 October 2004 in general

I had another bath last night in an effort to ease the shoulder some more. I think its getting better but it still gives me pain with certain movements. I don't think the having a few weeks off at the gym has helped its recovery so I'll be going back on Friday. I've noticed a definite lack of motivation has set in which I need to nip in the bud lest I become a couch potato again. Apart from the general liking of being fitter the main benefit of the gym (or any physical
sporting activity) is you can stop thinking about anything else. Just turning your brain off for a couple of hours is quite relaxing. Once I'm back into the swing of it I may even give some consideration to doing something about my beer gut.

I found a nice new documentation site last night. One thing I can give Microsoft credit for is the quality of their developer docs, especially their MSDN developer site. The LiDN site emulates the usefulness of MSDN site with a simple search facility along with collecting all the various free software library documentation into one place. This makes looking up library calls a lot simpler because you
don't have to figure out which library its from first. And to think the link for the site has been on the Galeon portal page for ages and I never noticed!

I've not been getting especially excited about going to see Fat Boy Slim on Saturday because of general blah-ness. However I'm starting to look forward to it now, I want to have a good rave! Come On!