Posted on Mon 18 October 2004 in general

A bit more of a detailed update as yesterday's post was a bit of a meh.

As you can see I pretty much larged it up at the gig. With the exception of the live band (who where ok, but just didn't fit into the theme) it was all pretty bouncy funky house. This was good because I'm not really into the hard core beat of some dance music. I prefer something to which I can easily bounce about to and then throw myself into if I | want to. The warm up DJs certainly fitted the bill. I was quite happily dancing away by the main event.

When Mr Cook finally turned up in the central DJ booth the crowd were going pretty wild. I don't think what he played would of made that much difference because his main selling point is his interaction with the crowd. He has a little camera set up by the deck which he uses to show the record he's about to play. He also has a marker pen so he can write messages to the crowd. His first message was "I'm going to fuck you all" which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. We were quite close to the central booth so I did get a few pictures of him in action. He certainly seemed to be enjoying it as was I. The venue did get very hot and sweaty. Luckily some of the people I met that night (Sean, Caroline and the others who's names I can't remember) were bringing in fresh bottles of water to keep us hydrated. I think I managed to keep dancing for the whole 2 hour set.

At the end of the night there was a a brief flurry of activity as we tried to operate mobile technology which would of been easier if people had Bluetooth or IR on their phones. I then (unintentionally) pulled my most hideous face for the group photo. I'm going to have to face it, I'm never going to look good in pictures taken at dance gigs ;-)

As soon as I walked out into the fresh cold hit I could feel my clothes start to stick to me, not nice. Luckily getting home was relatively painless although we did have to contend with people hi-jacking taxis ahead of us. With Aidan flagging and Gillian not planning on a late night it was just me, Sam and Ste at my house for after show chill-out. Lee turned up later having returned from href="">Wendyhouse. Sam complimented my growing collection of dance music, aided by the fact we where running all the music from my laptop with access to my 19Gb music library. I'll remind people you can get the DJ Sick Puppy Dog mixes direct from the man here. Things | progressed as chill-outs do until everyone was drifting off and I climbed into my sweet comfortable bed around 6 in the morning. |

Having not set any really stretching objectives for Sunday it was mainly a case of watching my special edition Empire DVD and attempting to play some PS2 games. We finally left the house at half four to wander into town to see Layer Cake which was an entertaining drugs and gangsters film. Its nice to see good British actors playing interesting characters. It certainly a lot darker than films like Lock Stock but good none the less.

End of Tranmissi....