Today's Lesson

Posted on Thu 21 October 2004 in general

If you are struggling to satisfy a circular #include dependency then you should really look at the href="">orthogonal
nature of your code.

Don't worry if that last sentence made no sense. Its a geek thing.

Last nights meal was entertaining and despite Sam's protestations that it only contained 150ml of cream still seemed heart-attack inducing. It was very nice though. TJ brought me a very cute fridge magnet with a penguin on it. All good.

I finished The Player of Games on Monday. I really liked it, perhaps even more so than "Use of Weapons". I've got some serious reading to do to catch up with everyone else. I've just started on Neal Stephenson's essay href="">In the Beginning was the Command Line. I'll let the non-geeks know if its readable for them when I finish it. I have certainly found it very funny so far.