Posted on Tue 26 October 2004 in general

I was almost considering not going to Badminton last night as my body was still aching courtesy of the weekends activities. However things seemed to of eased up by the time I left work and I had packed my kit just in case. I only played for about 1.5 hours but had 3 very hard close games (which I won). The final game I lost 15-1 but I think the
fight was out of me by then. Went home and prepared a pasta Arrabiata (sans Olives which ASDA didn't have) instead of my usual Carbonara. Unfortunately was slightly over-generous with Chillies so *had* to drink two beers instead of one....

I thought I had fixed the default dictionary for Emacs href="">last
time but apparently it only set it for current buffer (which for the .emacs is rather pointless). I've href="">fixed
it properly this time and learnt a little more about LISP in the process. I also excised all the crappy win32 hacks seeing as I'm never going back :-P