I was fantastic and it was a bloody good laugh

Posted on Mon 01 November 2004 by alex in general

So I'm now sat at my desk with aching legs and a slight distant look. I'm sure your all wondering how my venture into the land of Goth went. Well let me tell you...

After completing my secret mission (which seemed to go well, I should know the results later this week) I picked up Karen and made the journey to Whitby in record time. Although I'd brought appropriate fashion with me I ended borrowing one of Lee's tops which he was most upset looked better on me. We headed on down the venue and went about
circulating and catching up with people. I'm not really in the "scene" but still managed to recognise some faces which was nice.
The headline act on Friday night was href="http://www.zodiacmindwarp.com/">Zodiac Mindwarp. I'm not entirely sure how they classify as Goth because to me the sounded like cheesy cock-rock. They reminded me a little of AC/DC (although that may of just been the hats). However that didn't seem to put of any of the crowd,
including myself! I had great fun throwing myself around the dance floor to all the cheesy Raaawk goodness. The others managed to get many pictures of me look suitably up for it ;-)
After the band I stayed on to dance to the DJ sets and chatted to a nice red-head from somewhere further north. Unfortunately I managed to forget her name almost instantly and was too embarrassed to ask again. Oh well. Top night all the same.

Given Friday had been a long day I surfaced briefly for breakfast before returning to bed to digest. When I eventually got the energy to get up me and Lee met with Gillian and Aidan to eat more food before heading down to meet Lucy and Zoe for a little shopping in the Spa. I was eventually persuaded to buy a rather nice cyber outfit
done in the style of the Matrix. I also brought another top that had space invaders on it because it appealed to my inner geek. However washing both these garments is going to be more complicated than just throwing them into the washing machine.
We headed up to the Met to check out the "other" market only to be diverted by nipping to the bar for "just the one". Our quick pint was quickly derailed by several more while talking to an interesting Scotsman by the name Alex. We generally set the world to rights on a whole range of (mainly) political topics. By the time we got round to
checking the market out it had closed and was packing up. We then ambled back to the B&B to prepare the nights gig.

I had originally planned to go to the gig in my frock-coat but had been persuaded that href="http://www.asf-13thmoon.demon.co.uk/">Alien Sex Fiend were a more of a dance band. In true goth style I changed my mind at the last minute and went in my brand new cyber outfit. My choice of outfit attracted a fair number of compliments which was again nice.
Although I enjoyed the gig I have to say the band were a little to random for me. It was very hard to make out the lyrics although the underlying rhythms and baselines were bouncy enough when they were not switching tempos. Karen enjoyed them more because they were more industrial. After the band wrapped up the final I grooved on down to the final DJ set prompting Lee to ask "when did you learn to dance" and someone else describing me as "the pogo dancer". All good exercise if a little hard on the leg muscles.

for the post gig gathering. There were not too many people who had braved the many, many steps to get there. After about an hour of general chatting I left Lee and Karen to it and returned to the warmth of my B&B bed. In short, nice scenery but too damn cold!

Sunday was mainly filled by eating more food with the MancGoth crowd before going to watch the annual "Goths vs Journalists" football match. The game itself was fairly entertaining with a surprise 4-2 victory for the Goths. The good natured heckling from the stalls was enjoyable and the whole affair very relaxed.

After much vacillating about which Sunday event to go to we ended up in Laughtons for their cheesy 80's night. As I had literally nothing else to wear I went in my frock coat, a solitary white-clad figure in a sea of black. As I had been warned the club gets very warm I didn't intend to go mad dancing. However the lure of cheesy 80's proved too much from about the time Guns and Roses came on with "Paradise City". I had a great time basking in the nostalgia of the event while identifying bands I never actually listened to in my youth. I must of picked up the knowledge by osmosis. Yet another top night!

So in summary although the weekend was very tiring I had a great time. Although I'm still not-a-goth I have expanded my wardrobe and had a weekend of excessive bopping. I'm very tempted to go to the next event in April although hopefully with a day or two of extra holiday to recover.