Many Small Things

Posted on Wed 03 November 2004 in general

Got home last night to Jason's test painting of the dining room wall. His rational for not going for super smooth re-skimming or lining paper makes sense. I'm still a little concerned about his colour choice which is contrary to the previous plan of going for light colours. However I'm going to compensate for this with plenty of additional electric lighting. Either way things are progressing and I'll need to buy some lighting tomorrow.

We watched Farscape Peacekeeper wars last night. It had all
the major Farscape coolness points. There were a couple of points where the cheese was a little thick for my tastes. However I shall be buying the DVD (to keep Gemma happy) as its certainly worthy of a position in my collection.

As has been noted href="">elsewhere
my brother has been using Linux on my laptop for the last few days. He's taken the admirable approach of wanting to learn something new. I haven't really given him any instruction other than to point out a few of the icons and let him explore. The result is he knows more about
the Gnome Desktop than me. His non-geek visual approach means dragging pictures onto the properties box to make an icon seemed the most natural thing to do. I would go dutifully go through the file selector box and browse to the location
of the image. Obviously the href="">HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) work that Gnome has been doing is paying off.
Karen's machine has been ill ever since it moved into my house. The Windows OS hasn't quite realised that it no longer needs to dial-up to connect to the 'net and can just use my broadband pipe. As I'm not really qualified to fix her machine I've been suggesting she tries out Linux. So far she has resisted my advances so I've taken a guerilla
approach by setting her machine to boot a LiveCD called href="">Gnoppix which is a Gnome version of the highly respected Knoppix
LiveCD. The main benefit of a LiveCD is its any easy way to show people what a fully functioning Linux system is like without having to install anything on their machine. My hope is that Karen tries it, realises Linux is not as scary as she thought and wants to go the whole hog and get a proper system on her machine.
The experiment continues....