Rant mode subsiding

Posted on Wed 10 November 2004 in general

I have just returned from a 450 mile circumnavigation of the country. I could go into great detail ranting about drivers on the M6 and the vast tracts of space they leave on the inside lane. I could discuss my general loathing of the traffic down south and the average 6 MPH I managed this morning as I left Reading. I could describe the pointlessness of my business meeting. However I'm home now and had a chill and watched some Trek so I'm more relaxed so there is no point reliving the nightmares of our road system, bad for karma you know.

It was however nice to see Jo again who I've not seen since last year. We drank beer (while maintaining a sensible "working tomorrow" limits) and generally caught up on all those things that are easier IRL compared to IM. Luckily the expense payment for the mileage will cover that posh burger we had in the local eatery. I still reckon the beer down south is too damn expensive ;-)

Whilst of the subject of beer I should mention the UMIST beer festival is on and I'm heading down Thursday night (given Friday is a LRP event). Who wants to drink beer? Anyone?