Change of plans

Posted on Fri 12 November 2004 in general

I was planning to rise early this morning and pack all my LARP kit into the car so I could head to href="">SoS straight after work. However the events of last night (the UMIST beer festival) meant I crawled out of bed around 9, stared at some cereal before finally getting into work around 10. Seeing as Friday night is tavern I think I shall forgo
the drinking and instead go home and sleep waking refreshed and ready to hit things on Saturday morning.
The beer festival itself was good - many fine beers and one
exceptionally nasty cider that Lee insisted on trying. I managed not to spend hundreds of pounds on music this time. I think I only outbid one student in getting a track taken off of the "jukebox". I think my only mistake was getting the second booklet of beer tokens.....