Events dear boy, events...

Posted on Mon 22 November 2004 in general

Well that was a pretty busy weekend. Well busy-ish, I came up with some half arsed excuse to laze around at home of Friday night instead of going to the gym, but otherwise busy :-)

Went to Wendyhouse <> in Leeds for Geoff's <> birthday. My planned "new look" hair which involved half a tube of Black Light glowing hair gel was marred slightly by the fact in ran very quickly once I started dancing. Apparently large chunks of my face where glowing. All I could see was glowing hands, despite having washed them several times. I may try for spikes next time and just highlight with some of Lee's stuff instead of going for the all in one solution.

Some of my compatriots from the evening seem to think I was under the influence of pharmaceuticals. I can assure them all I wasn't, the big grin on my face was due to cute goth chick dancing with me to Aerosmith/Run DMC's "Walk this Way". In fact I was remarkably well behaved all round. I have to thank Angie for biggin' me up to all her single friends although I think she may of hammed it up a little ;-)

After one session in the Mutate room (which seemed to have gone glow stick crazy very quickly) and spent the rest of my time on the main dance floor. They kept putting on such good tunes it was hard to find a chance to go and drink and cool down.

I did get a chance to play with the night mode setting of the new camera. You can take pictures that start with a flash and then hold the exposure for a time to get the background image. This is great with glow sticks :-).

I had such a good time I'm seriously considering going to the Christmas one in December. I think SoS is probably going to have to wait until the new year before I get back into LARP proper.

My bed beckoned around 5.20 this morning with me being woken by the offer of free food in the evening by Sheila. I'd already answered yes before realising I was due to be teaching my house-mates how to cook toad-in-the-hole. I guess I'll teach Karen tomorrow and Andy will have to do without the lesson (however he is from Yorkshire so should be conversant in the basics).

I headed over to Bolton UGC to see The Incredibles <> as part of Andy's birthday celebrations. The film itself was entertaining enough - certainly darker than previous Pixar films. One of the things I noticed though was the homage's to various films. The Star Wars influences in some of the scenes are very apparent, including the empire comms code sound effects. Certainly worth seeing but not the greatest Pixar film yet. Technically it was as usual good although the wet hair wasn't convincing enough for my mind. The water splashes where quite good though, they must be getting good at fluid dynamics.

So tomorrow I'm off to see Sting. I may attempt KT Tunstall on Tuesday but I'd better check if I can get tickets. Friday I fly of to Prague for a Stag. I think we get to play with guns. I assume we won't of started drinking by that point :-)

Message ends.