Posted on Wed 24 November 2004 by alex in general

Yesterday proved frustrating on many levels. My work PC was dieing in stages thanks to a faulty CPU fan. The problem I was trying to solve involved a little more fudgeing
than I was happy with. To top it off I sacked off going to the Gym after work because I'd forgotten to pack my Gym kit. And the traffic was shite getting home.

As a result I took my frustrations out on Karen by forcing her to watch me prepare the evening meal of Toad in the Hole. I then preceded to eek out of her an admission that it did not take "that long" to prepare or in fact require "much effort". It may be classed as cruel and un-usual punishment but I'm quite prepared to put my house mates through it for their own good. Although I've been guilty of succumbing to take-out more than usual over the last couple of months I want to show them how easy it is too cook a midweek meal for under ?2 compared to the ?35 the last pizza delivery came to. Its a mission ;-)

Today has passed better. I cannibalised another spare PC for its CPU fan which actually has bearings left. The fudge factor code is now replaced by a nice predictable and correct solution. Tonight I shall go for a quick swim before Fez feeds us in the Wednesday Mealtm and tomorrow I shall pack for the weekend in Prague!

p.s. Good to see Firefox is starting to dent IE's market share.