Feeling Better Now

Posted on Tue 30 November 2004 in general

What a difference a decent nights sleep makes. I'm feeling a lot better now although I think I'll stay off the beers for a bit to give my liver a chance to recover.

Drinking in Prague is cheap if you avoid the overly touristy places. The club we went to on Friday night for example was serving "pints"* for around 70p. It tastes pretty good as well and doesn't seem to create the headaches I get if I've had more than 3 pints of Stella. I even tried the dark larger which was nice although a little heavy for
a long session.

Our guide seemed to quite suppressed that we don't routinely arm our police or in fact allow people to carry guns around with them. Having said that aside from a lot of pick-pocketing and such like they have relatively few murders every year.
We went to a gun club on Saturday to shoot. We had a very quick safety tutorial which boiled down to always aim down the range before we got to play with the live ammo. We shot a pistol (I think it was a Glok) which was easier than I thought it would be. A .22 rifle which was just like old times (when I was in the ATC) and finally a pump action
shotgun which had a hell of a kick. I was tied with Mark after the first two but then dropped a load of shots with the shotgun. I had a shootout (single shot, no practice shot) with a Magnum for the 2nd/3rd place tie. Unfortunately I was expecting more kickback than it actually had so I was holding on too tight and dropped the shot and ended up in
3rd place. However I did beat Lee so which is all that matters ;-)

I really liked it. The city is a typical European one complete with Tesco and Marks and Spencers. However it has plenty of old architecture including a stunning cathedral on the top of the hill. I took loads of photos which I shall put up in the next few days. About the only downside is the pick-pockets. There was one attempt on our group although I had clocked them scoping out Stuart so I saw them
attempt the pull.

*Well not pints, more 1/2 litres with a bunch of foam on top. But for 70p who's going to quibble?