Active Pain in the Ass

Posted on Wed 01 December 2004 in general

Spent the day learning the details of kerberos
and how it ties into Active Directory so I can properly integrate our linux servers into the new companies greater network. Of course this isn't for my benefit as I can work securely on all our linux boxes using a standard well documented method. The main aim
is so the people that have Windows desktops can edit their files stored on the build servers with their favourite editor. Don't get me wrong, I think Samba is a great
piece of software but they are hobbled by having to reverse engineer the protocols and work stuff out whenever href="">Microsoft
changes something. When Max left me I no longer had a reason to run this sort of interoperability glue in my home network and I thought I'd not need to learn anything about the MS way again. Seems I was wrong. Grrrrr!

I have been using NFS at home so I can mount my music directory on the various machines I own. Its not ideal and certainly not secure and something I've been meaning to get rid of for a while. Last night as I put the href="">November
Wendyhouse pics up I casually right clicked on the href="">nautilus window and noticed an "Open Server" on the context menu. When I selected it a little dialog box came up offering me the chance to connect with ssh. I filled in my account name and start path and a new window popped up (automatically picking up authentication from my ssh-agent) and allowed me to browse my server, even doing thumbnails. Why can't everything be that easy?