Brand Loyal?

Posted on Tue 07 December 2004 in general

Two changes of pattern last night. Instead of my usual Monday Pepper href="">Carbonara
I cooked myself a Penne Arrabiata.
It was nice although I overdid the chillies so it was a tad warm. Still all part of the learning experience.
The other change was buying some href="">Staropramen instead of my usual Stella. This is the result of extensive*
experimental observation that has lead me to the conclusion that Stella has too much crap in it. Lee has said he's willing to switch brands so our fridges can be in sync. The only problem as the moment ASDA only stock the 4x330ml packs. I did ask their costumer service department but they were not aware of any larger packs being available.
If anyone knows of a place that sells larger packs of bottles then let me know.
*extensive being 1 field test and a careful experiment on Friday evening when I
deliberately drank 4 bottles to see how I felt in the morning. I take my science seriously ;-)