Hamsters be damned

Posted on Fri 17 December 2004 in general

Last nights BSG was entertaining. I think the new series has a future which is nice to see because the Sci-Fi genre has been a bit flat over the last few years. Of course Sky could end up putting me off if they don't stop their saturation advertising of the series.

I was also heartened by the fact the Law Lords can actually stand up to the government when it comes human rights. Even if the individuals concerned are terrorists (which is debatable as the evidence wouldn't pass trial) the correct solution is watch them like hawks, not lock them up without any sort of meaningful review. If a government tells you its restricting human rights for your own good then I worry. Still hell of a first day for the new Home Secretary.

I'm off for a weekend of href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amsterdam">European culture now. Have a good weekend all ;-)