Post Christmas Events

Posted on Fri 31 December 2004 in general

I've been out of action the last few days since contracting a rather nasty stomach bug from visiting my Gran in hospital. I'm still not a hundred percent but I'm on the up now although feeling bad that I've managed to infect a housemate. Still apart from gory medical details what else has happened?

The last few days in Cambridge gave me a chance to catch up with some old school friends and talk geek. I now have a much better understanding of modern 3D graphics hardware thanks to [info]zandev which I may apply if I get round to writing some graphics drivers for my new machine, you know just for fun.
I also got a chance to catch up with Ed who was by far the more successful Chemist of the two of us. The stuff he's working on is quite cool and it was good to chat pure science geek which I don't get much of a chance to do. A whole bunch of faces from my childhood also came through the pub that afternoon which was nice. Eventually I headed home back up to Manchester when I couldn't drink anymore orange juice.

Ste's party was as expected entertaining and debauched. Much hugging was witnessed and enjoyed. Phil was especially vocal whenever I hugged him, maybe he's just easily pleased ;-). It was nice to see Ren again who I had not seen since one of Ste's parties a few years back. She definitely had the advantage on me in the conversation stakes though. All in all an entertaining evening.

The combined factors of a 24 hour incubation period and a party weakened immune system meant I came down with a bit of a crash Tuesday evening. I'm glad Katie and Anne where about to fetch me nutrients from the shops. My bug induced delirium wasn't helped by Lee bugging me to work around a network problem he was having with his mail servers at work. I eventually had to turn my phone off so I could get some sleep. Although I'm feeling better now for possibly the first time in my memory I shall be avoiding drinks and retiring to bed early for this evenings celebrations. It may also influence my new year resolutions, we shall see...