...and a sober New Year?

Posted on Sat 01 January 2005 in general

I must say it is a pretty unusual event for me to be stone cold sober at midnight on New Years Eve. Not quite feeling a hundred percent after the stomach bug (and more than a little guilty having passed it on to Karen) I headed back home with Anne while laying bets on if I would get pulled by the police for being all dressed up and in a fast car. Once at home Karen was still up so we chatted for a bit watching Jools Holland and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate before retiring for a relativly early night. It was nice to see people at the party last night but I dare say I feel better this morning than I would of if I'd done my usual post-Christmas debauchery.

2004 has been a bit of a mixed year. I've continued working as a bona-fida kernel hacker, seen good friends married, gotten out of the country on holiday (twice no less!) and generally gotten on with life. However the year also saw a good friend of mine pass away far too young. The world has also had its fair share of woe with continuing problems dividing populations, often violently. And as we have seen in the last few days nature has also shown how powerful it can be. Hopefully people pulling together to help will show the better side of humanity this year.

However despite last year I'm still pretty optimistic about this year and what it holds. I start a new job in a few weeks which should keep me intellectually occupied. I hope to do the 10 Km run again this year and improve on my time from last year. I'm also aiming to be become a little more "buff" and productive and maintain my general happiness with who and what I am.

Best wishes for a 2005 to you all.