Geek Time

Posted on Mon 03 January 2005 in general

I've just sat down in front of my shiney new PC, kicked of a 'net radio session and I'm looking forward to some self awarded Geek Time.

I've been pretty productive over the last few days. New Years day saw me disassembling, analyzing and fixing my broken washing machine. I was quite impressed with myself (ably aided by plumbers mate Anne) and can now add Washing Machines to the growing list of DIY tasks I am not afraid of. Seeing as the last major DIY effort involved fixing the
Central Heating system I'm beginning to feel that slowly but surely I am actually turning into my Dad despite my original plan to pay people to sort stuff out.

Last night was a DVD movie-fest of Firth-ian proportions. We kidnaped Jo and forced her to watch href="">Love Actually as well as having my arm twisted to watch href="">Girl with a Pearl Earring. Both where enjoyable and much wine and food was consumed in the process. A particularly decadent evening :-)