Hair Today

Posted on Fri 07 January 2005 in general

Although I've been putting off getting my hair cut for a while having a wedding to go to tomorrow has brought things to a head, so to speak.

I managed to find a place that is open in the evenings in the Selfridge's in the Trafford Centre. I'm booked in with Ashley which is already a departure from the usual whoever is available when I sit down. I already know in advance this cut is going to cost me ?36 which made my jaw drop, although I've been assured by women that is a relatively reasonable price for a posh hair cut. I'm also going to
try something different, although I have no idea what yet. I'm going to defer to the expert on the matter and see what Ashley suggests. As long as it doesn't require anything too long and complicated when I'm awaking from my slumber in the mornings.

They say things always come in three's so New Job, New Haircut, what next?